New Manchester head office for the HUB


Manchester office adopt Revolving Doors as a facelift

Our Manchester office has undergone a facelift to improvise their business image, as well as an internal facelift they have overhauled their entranceway. With brand new revolving doors on the street entrance. This renovation comes at no surprise after previously seeing the office’ front for years before this investment. Near Manchester Central.

The revolving doors have created a modern and smart appearance to the newly renovated office front, which has definitely created an encouraging environment for any visitor to the office.

With a remarkably improved accessibility to the building, creating a welcoming place of work for all. The modern entranceway creates a brand new vision of the space ensuring a light and breezy reception area is available.

An added bonus of the revolving doors is their ability to be controlled by the front desk in the case of controlling who enters and exits the building.

automatic-doorsThey have created a sense of security after which is most definitely needed in the current climate as well enabling the trust of the office workers and visitors. (

The renovation has most certainly improved the professional outlook of the building, which has also improved the footfall of the business. More and more people are interested in entering the sleek and modern building.

This improvement to Manchester’s thriving business centre will surely spark a new trend in investing in the front of a building and will hopefully encourage more business to occur in this up and coming area.

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